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SpeedTrax™ is a non-invasive, highly accurate, low maintenance system which is configurable to the customer’s needs. The system is installed on a locomotive or hi-rail vehicle that traverses the track, during its normal day to day operations. While installed, SpeedTrax is collecting GPS, inertia, and video data. This data is then processed in our office, producing GIS data that includes all the required features needed to run an on-board PTC system, as well as any other features a railroad may require. SpeedTrax is configurable so that the level of accuracy the railroad desires is met, without wasted time or the added cost of providing data which is not wanted. However, all levels of accuracy will exceed Federal Railroad Administration requirements and can be delivered in the standard GIS format.


Non-Invasive: A SpeedTrax kit is installed in a manner that does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle during normal day to day use. Railroad employees operate the vehicles as their normal duties require and the system will gather the needed data. The system is portable and simple to install and remove, making it easy to transfer between vehicles.

The SpeedTrax kit is made up of a forward-facing camera assembly, an antenna, a GPS receiver, an Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU), an interface device (MIM), a hard-disk drive, and protective enclosure. The camera is set up with a clear view of the right of way, while the antenna is mounted on the roof. The remaining items are stored in a durable case that fits under or behind the seat of a hi-rail vehicle, or tucked away in a locomotive cabinet. While portability has proven to be a very important aspect of the system, a SpeedTrax kit may be permanently installed in a vehicle.

Highly Accurate: SpeedTrax uses a highly accurate GPS unit which is designed to calculate precise position information while moving. Although the original accuracy of the system was well within the FRA requirements, SpeedTrax was upgraded to a dual-frequency GPS board. SpeedTrax now has the ability to perform real-time positional correction as well as post- processing DGPS correction. This modification to the hardware improves our single pass accuracy as well as significantly reducing the number of passes needed to survey the right of way. Using the real-time WAAS correction, SpeedTrax can achieve single-pass path accuracy of 0.5 meter at 95% CEP. That same data can be post-processed to achieve 0.15 meter accuracy. Because SpeedTrax is an unmanned surveying system, HTI uses a multi-pass approach. This approach not only ensures complete coverage, it also allows the system to achieve a greater level of accuracy.

Low Maintenance: The system is designed to be portable, reliable, and durable. The individual components used in the system are designed to withstand extreme conditions, such as those typically associated with rail operations. Furthermore, data is easily retrievable and can be extracted from the system within a few minutes. SpeedTrax can store approximately 250 hours of running video and GPS data on our standard hard drive. Couple this with our ability to restrict data collection to when a vehicle is moving and a SpeedTrax kit can be in-service and unmanned for weeks at a time.

New IMU Forward

GIS PTC Data: The SpeedTrax system is designed to meet the needs of the railroad, from surveying to data delivery. SpeedTrax begins by eliminating operational disruptions and continues through delivery of data which is compliant with PTC data model industry standards. The system is able to do this because it was engineered from the beginning with railroads and their needs at the core of its design. The spatial database that the system is built around is closely coupled with the desired data structure. HTI understands the necessity of being able to recreate a snapshot of the railroad, so the system is capable of tracking individual feature changes, subdivision changes and entire releases through a detailed versioning system. HTI recognizes the need for railroads to seamlessly integrate PTC data with their corporate data. This is accomplished by creating the data structures to establish permanent relationships between the railroad’s corporate data sets and the SpeedTrax spatial data set. Not only does HTI have a complete PTC surveying system, we also provide solutions to the railroads in the form of database design, integration and maintenance.

Change Management: Regardless of how the track and features are initially surveyed, that data will become stale as the railroad maintains and upgrades its infrastructure.

SpeedTrax provides a cost effective method of continually surveying for planned and unplanned changes across an entire rail network. With the ability to compare newly located or missing features against the existing railroad infrastructure, SpeedTrax allows for a cost effective method of providing change management review and compliance.

More than just GIS Data: While SpeedTrax provides great GIS data; it also provides high quality video of the railroad, from the locomotive crew perspective. This video can be used for training, simulations and visual track inspection. The highly sensitive IMU device provides a feel for the track. By analyzing the IMU data, track variances can be identified and precisely located for further investigation. With the system’s ability to tie directly into the locomotive, it is able to capture information such as brake triggering. This information used in conjunction with SpeedTrax highly accurate velocity measurements allow for a detailed braking study that could be conducted over many different terrain types and train characteristics unique to the railroad, providing comprehensive braking studies. SpeedTrax is more than a quality track survey choice; it is a GIS data management solution.

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